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Trusted advisor to world-shaping organisations
 Pan-India fundraising strategy with a zonal focus.
Training tech entrepreneurs in the art of mentoring so that they can inspire their interns to continue in the technology sector.
Multi-country consultancy to enhance the private sector fundraising capabilities of country-office teams in Asia.
HIV Alliance
Facilitated the development of
a collaborative ‘End Aids India’ campaign to mobilise resources for the needs the communities impacted by HIV/AIDS in India.
Multi-year collaboration to curate, design, and facilitate the program catering to the Nonprofit Board members and Trustees in the areas of good governance practices and
Donor Communication catering to the individual and corporate supporters, beyond the traditional Government and multilateral donors.
National fundraising strategy for some of the South-East
Asian country offices.
Facilitated the development of a collaborative ‘Last Mile’ fundraising campaign to mobilise private sector resources for a national effort to eliminate mother to child HIV/AIDS transmission in Thailand.
National Health Group
Multi-year consultancy across various  Singapore group of healthcare institutions and speciality centres     (Skin, Mental Health, Metabolic Diseases, Ophthalmology) to build NHG’s culture of philanthropy with Clinicians and Scientists to mobilise resources for the many areas of scientific research.
Catholic Foundation (Singapore)
Board and organizational diagnostics to strengthen the organizational governance and fundraising strategy development
Sree Narayana Mission
Board evaluation and retreat to strengthen the organization’s alignment to the code of governance and its mission to provide social and community services.
Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore
Leadership curriculum design and delivery for mosque leaders
Blossom World Society
Board training to strengthen the organization’s alignment to the code of governance and its mission to provide active volunteerism and service-learning for the youth.
European Center for Non-for-Profit Law - Advisor on strengthening the global policy environment related to fundraising – both digital and traditional
The Teng Company
Fundraising strategy for the new normal to resource the possibilities for    Chinese music.
Beyond Social Service
Resourcing the strategy through fundraising to help children and youths to break away from the poverty cycle.
LaSalle College
Training and coaching of Artists and Arts Managers in the science of fundraising.
Board Leadership development to enhance the well-being of older persons, their families and/or caregivers in the area of psychosocial care.
Club Heal
Organisational evaluation by the Board to strengthen governance processes to meet
the mission to empower persons with mental health issues
Fred Hollows Foundation
Market entry analysis, groundwork and recommendations.
Consultancy to help the Asia team to enhance their outreach and fundraising efforts.
Working with the Asia Pacific team to develop their
country and regional resource mobilisation strategy.
To strengthen the Asia-Pacific team’s community outreach efforts to respond effectively during disasters.
National Youth Council
Working with the Youth Corp to help them understand how to mobilise funds for their mission to be the change makers for the country.
Duke NUS Medical School
Coaching a senior leader in the organisation to strengthen the culture of philanthropy in the institution.
Alliance For Good
In collaboration with philanthropists in China, who are part of the Alliance for Good - to help build the capabilities of charities in China.
Multiple Sclerosis International Federation
International Board session to facilitate discussion on a sensitive strategic issue, amongst multiple stakeholders from all around the world
Lee Kuan Yew School
Faculty for 21st Century Nonprofit Leaders Programme covering topics on Human Capital Development, Strategic Planning & Impact Evaluation
National Skin Centre
Multi-year consultancy to build a culture of philanthropy at NSC to help mobilise resources for skin related scientific research.
HCSA Community Services
Coaching the team to strengthen and enhance their fundraising and communications
capabilities to empower the vulnerable community to find purpose and hope.
Epworth Community Services
Fundraising consultancy to help strengthen their outreach, processes and case for
support to mobilise resources to helps at-risk children, youths and their families.
AMP Singapore
Governance consultancy to implement organisational evaluation by the Board; analysis of financial and fundraising data to help the board and management identify strategic areas for growth and improvement.
Home Nursing Foundation
Coaching the partnerships and communications teams to strengthen and enhance their fundraising capabilities to ensure quality care and all-round healthcare support.
Multi-year fundraising training and strategy development in implementation monitoring for CBM's partner organisations in South India.
Amnesty International
Domain study and recommendation on fundraising in one of the key Asian countries.
People in Aid
Market entry strategy and advisory network development for work through a base in Asia
Singapore Business Federation
Curriculum design, development and delivery of the Essentials of Association Management focussed on leaders of the non-for-profit Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs)
Thalassaemia International Federation
Multi-year pan-India project to help patient-and-parent organizations to develop and establish equal access to quality health care for patients with thalassemia and other hemoglobin disorders.
National Arts Council
Designed and developed training and coaching programs to help arts charities and arts entrepreneurs to develop strategic resource mobilization plans.
The Leprosy Mission
Organisational audit to understand the successes, opportunities, processes and gaps in its local fundraising.
Develop recommendation for its fundraising goals, strategies and
Design fundraising programmes to meet its goals.
Mentor the staff to successfully implement the strategies.
ChildFund Australia
Market entry strategy and advisory network development for work through a base in Asia.
Community Chest
Consultancy for strategically increasing the regular giving    donor base.
Social Service Institute
Trainer on extensive Fundraising and    Board topics.
Domain study and recommendation on the use of Social Media by nonprofits in Singapore ; Author of resource site to help people sector organisations in their social media adoption.
Advisor for development of giving portal; developed the guide for donor relationship.
Central Singapore
Corporate fundraising strategy development and staff training to help implementation.
Fundraising market scan and case for support recommendations
Lien Centre for Social Innovation
Professional course for nonprofit leaders
Credit Suissse
Training on philanthropy for private bankers
Chinese Chamber
Training on Associations Management.
Conceptualised their flagship Youth for Causes programme
Diaspora fundraising in Asia
Asia Pacific Board training on
resource mobilisation.