Fundraising training customised for the Social Services, Health and
the Arts Sectors.

Fundraising Training
An all-woman Zoom-room eager to use technology for social good by learning how to effectively use social media and digital platforms for community outreach, especially given the ground realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Fundraising training on strategy development
Trained Regional Office partner organisations in India and Sri Lanka to become financially sustainable.
It was an enriching experience to work with the consultant who was able to inspire our partner organisations with trademark enthusiasm and knowledge in fundraising.
Gunawathy Fernandez
CBM - Christoffel Blinden Mission - South Asia Regional Office
Facilitated a 'Zoom Room' of Board leaders gearing up to become more strategic in their role related to fundraising and community outreach.
Training leading NGOs in India to support their effort to strategically create a national fundraising plan of action, articulating the case for support and identifying the audiences that the message needs to reach.
Fundraising training customised for the Social Services, Health and the Arts Sectors
From manuals to mindset.
The increased confidence level of the participants after our training, compared to when they started, is an indicator of the impact of our programs.

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Health Training -  A training programme to help clinician-scientists understand the fundamentals of fundraising to mobilise funding for their research and capability building projects.
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Arts Training–Fundraising for Impact: What’s the plan A collaboration with LA SALLE College of the Arts with support from the National Arts Council (NAC).
A training programme to help arts and heritage organisations to expand funding options and consider fundraising as an alternative source of revenue.
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Enabling fundraisers across Asia and the Pacific to do good, well. 

Fundraising for the Arts while co-existing with COVID-19

Curriculum Development series
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