Coaching – Fundraising

Let us journey together to help you assess, strengthen and re-energize your board members

Coaching changemakers to evaluate their skills and competencies needed to succeed in fundraising.

Coaching fundraisers to thrive in the new normal.
The Online fundraising accelerator was held just before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. This serendipitously helped many of the participants to pivot to digital fundraising, when that was the only way to raise resources during the global lockdown.

A joint collaboration with fundraising portal Give.Asia, volunteers from Facebook, their B2B partners and Integrative Learning Corporation Pte. Ltd
Online Fundraising
Digital Fundraising - All woman zoom room

Digital Fundraising

An-all women Zoom-room eager to use technology for social good by learning how to use social media and digital platforms effectively for community outreach, especially given the ground realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community Engagement

Community engagement strategies are crucial for building and nurturing your donors, customers, users and fans. We journey with our clients to engage the community to achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes
and relationships.
Read more about the genesis of Youth for Causes a youth engagement program here
Coaching young social entrepreneurs to achieve their vision of a vibrant and viable society.
Community Engagement
Coaching - Philanthropic Advice

Philanthropic Advice

Collaborated with Citi Private Bank’s ultra-high net worth clients and their younger generation to explore their passions and purpose to better focus their philanthropic efforts.
Philanthropy advisor and consultant for the training of Credit Suisse relationship managers to understand the social eco-system and hence better advice their clients on their philanthropic aspirations.

Enabling fundraisers across Asia and the Pacific to do good, well.

Principles of Fundraising

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