Consulting - Governance

Let us journey together to help you assess, strengthen and re-energize your board members

Strategic advice on governance, Board matters and internal controls.

Board MMO April 2020

Journeying with you to:

  • Improve your organisational and board effectiveness journey.
  • Address governance related issues.
  • Reignite your board member’s passion for the nonprofit’s mission.
  • Provide clear direction to the management in line with Code of Governance for Charities.

Organisational evaluation by the Board
& Management

  • Identify successes, gaps and opportunities through validated board self-evaluation.
  • Understand the organisation’s financial management, internal controls and public transparency and disclosure performance.
  • Identifying areas of strength and/or weakness in its fundraising performance to achieve sustainability.
  • Set clear board directions and management performance to enhance the relationship between the Board and executive management.
Board AMP 2019
The evaluation by the Board (a) provides effective health check on our organisation’s performance (b) highlights possible narratives on our financial performances (c) points us how we can improve our fundraising capability. The consultants are experts in their domain, and they provide practical and implementable recommendations to address identified gaps. We are certain that we have an investment to recovery ratio, i.e., both time and money, of at least 10 times, through this governance evaluation by the Board.
(Choo Jin Kiat, CEO, O’Joy Limited)
The organizational evaluation by the board, the analysis of the financial and fundraising performances of our organisation, provides valuable insights on our strengths and weaknesses that allows us to celebrate our strengths while at the same time work on areas that need improvement.
~ Dr Radiah, President, Club HEAL
The feedback and comments received on areas for improvement in AMP's programmes and services (its role as a charity and IPC) are indeed very relevant and useful.
~ Abdul Hamid Abdullah (Past President, AMP)
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Role of Nonprofit Board

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