Usha Menon Consulting

Designed to achieve your organizational goals and changes to your community

Our consulting services are designed to help you achieve your goals and create impact in our communities. 

Offering innovative solutions
We offer innovative solutions to complex problems, advance your social purpose, analyse internal and external drivers, set transformational goals, and develop plans that you can successfully implement and evaluate.

For more than 30 years, through our client-focused, innovative and practical tools and resources, we have strategically scaled many international, national - social services, health, arts, faith-based and educational institutions.

Our consulting services focus on:

  • Sector insights - point out elements that you may have missed.
  • Robust management practices and develop ‘next practices’.
  • Organisational restructuring and reviews.
  • Reviewing existing plans, evaluate your organisation’s structure, process, policies and procedures.
  • Conducting benchmarking research against sector leaders and local & international practises.
  • Facilitating strategy development workshops.
  • Coaching senior managers in the creation, development, communication, implementation and evaluation of strategies.
Our consulting services

We offer consulting in the following areas.


Supporting the network of Hong Kong fundraisers to mobilise and organise the PopUp fundraising conference in collaboration with the Resource Alliance.
Supporting the network of Hong Kong fundraisers


Collaborating with the Singapore Institute of Directors to curate the Board development program designed with nonprofit directors’ capability building needs in mind.
Collaborating with the Singapore Institute of Directors
We appointed Usha to curate and coordinate our NonProfit Directors Programme and found her to be a great asset. Her deep understanding of and passion for the sector, coupled with her relationships with key stakeholders in this sector, have contributed greatly to the success of the Programme”.
Joyce Koh, Executive Director, Singapore Institute of Directors


Helping nonprofits leaders understand finance for charities—which has policy and practice implications that’s different from that of the commercial/ for profit sector.
Helping nonprofits leaders understand finance for charities
I see full-cost recovery and fund accounting as partners that can go hand in hand. When you have a clear picture of your costs, your funds, you can have better control and better governance. You can be a more effective organisation with a wider and deeper reach to your stakeholders


Organised study tours for Chinese charity sector leaders, government officials, and philanthropists to understand laws, policies, and guidelines to build the capabilities of the charity sector in China.
Organised study tours for Chinese charity sector
I think we would like to keep you to ourselves, but you are too good for that, and I know you see a future that is unconfined. And that is what inspires me about you
Saira Shameem, Programme Advisor, United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, Malaysia

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