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Fundraising Consulting

Coaching for future-ready change makers.

Rotary September 2018 FHF
Helping you achieve excellent fundraising results based on proven and profitable fundraising programmes.
Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Group coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group context. Helping changemakers to focus on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and holding each other accountable.
Coaching social entrepreneurs helps accelerate their success by creating new energy, purpose and to focus on their impact.  Helping them see a new perspective to their situation and providing a non-judgmental space to prioritize what is essential for the entrepreneur.


Coaching of social impact organisational leaders in Thailand

Helping changemakers to collaborate and co-create programs to collectively address a common mission. Nurturing the grassroot civil society organisation’s understanding of the need, the economies of scale made possible through intermediaries and engaging policy makers in the process of the co-creating
community solution.
UNAIDS and NGOs across

Organisational audit, establish goals & design of fundraising programmes and mentoring

CRY April 2018

We conducted an organisational audit to understand the successes, opportunities, processes and gaps in its local fundraising; developed recommendations for their fundraising goals, strategies and tactics; supported the interview and review of fundraising staff and trained the Board and management team for fundraising success.

Global Development Network

Developed a fundraising strategy for Global Development Network (GDN), a network of research institutions founded by the World Bank to improve its access to unrestricted funds.

Usha, you will be glad to know that following the workshop you had for our staff from the various hospitals and projects, they have done some really innovative things to raise funds locally.
Dr. Sunil Anand, Director, The Leprosy Mission (India)

Community Engagement

Designed an Online Fundraising Accelerator to help charities and their leaders to understand and use the tools for effective fundraising
Majulah online fundraising

With participants and collaborators of the Majulah online fundraising accelerators.

Social Enterprise Association

We provided Community engagement consultancy to help the Board and Management in their outreach and resource mobilisation efforts in Singapore to build a vibrant and viable social enterprise sector.
Usha provided fundraising consultancy to Social Enterprise Association in 2012. She is a veteran non-profit leader, entrenched in the Singapore and Asian landscape. Her network opened doors for the Association. She impressed with her systematic and tenacious approach to fundraising.
Teo Mee Hong, General Manager
Helping faith leaders to understand management

Community Chest, Singapore

  • With our support, the Community Chest’s SHARE program ( Employee / Workplace giving ) saw the donor base grow from 30,000 donors to nearly 300,000 during 1990.
  • National Council of Social Service contracted us In 2009, and successfully relaunched SHARE and helped them to implement strategies and plans that have begun to show results of building back and increasing the donor base.
Have worked with Usha on SHARE, our monthly workplace giving programme. Usha is able to conceptualise and generate ideas for fundraising. A reliable person who delivers.
Tan Bee Heong, Executive Director

Helping faith leaders to understand management    

Journeying with faith-based organisation leaders to help them understand the management of functional area and processes related to strategy, programme design, and finance.
Coaching sector-shifter personnel (individuals from corporate or government sectors who are interested in working for the nonprofit sector), to understand the social impact sector’s nuances, realities and policy implications is another feature of our coaching.
Chinese charity sector leadership

Chinese charity sector leaders from national and provincial organisations, working on sharpening their skills and competencies to impact causes and address community needs along with China’s belt-and-road initiative.

ChildFund Australia

Usha Menon's knowledge provided insight and understanding of an Asian country non-profit sector to ChildFund. Her consulting agency delivered a well-rounded practical report on time and within budget.
Diana Mason, Fundraising and Communications Director, ChildFund Australia
Through the Mentoring Strategies for Millennials programme, mentors learn about the different stages in mentoring, the skills required of a mentor and more. Mentors were given insights into the roles and
responsibilities of the interns and millennial staff, as well as their expectations and skills through role-plays and discussions of the different scenarios given. Conducted by Usha Menon in collaboration with SGTech.
SG Tech 2019 Group
Thank you for helping us to strengthen our fund-raising skills these past months. The past 11months have been a tremendous learning experience for us, and it was a privilege for my team and me to work alongside you. Watching a master at work is really the kind of training one cannot get in the classroom. You have demonstrated the finer art of fund-raising for us and this has been most valuable.
Gerard Ee, CEO, Beyond Social Services
Usha Menon was well prepared and very engaging. She was able to quickly understand the background and nature of the organisation and give relevant/specific inputs. She was also able to handle questions effectively and offer helpful suggestions.
Usha was great and it is clear that she has a wealth of experience in the world of fundraising. Her enthusiasm shifts mindsets about what fundraising should be about - fun and collaborative instead of just asking for money and hitting targets. Great thanks toManager - Marketing, Fundraising & Partnerships,Very Special Arts (Singapore)
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LFRC March 2019

Philanthropic Advice

  • Helped Citi Private Bank’s ultra-high net worth clients and their younger generation to explore their passions and purpose to better focus their philanthropic efforts.
  • Philanthropy advisor and consultant for the training of Credit Suisse relationship managers to understand the social eco-system and hence better advice their clients on their philanthropic aspirations.

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