Beyond the Norm: Three Strategies to Success

Beyond the Norm: Three Strategies to Success

We live in a fast-paced and dynamic environment where traditional paths to success may fall short. To truly thrive one has to be willing to break free from some of the conventional norms and embrace innovative approaches. Here are three unconventional strategies to propel ourselves and our organizations towards success: 

  1. Hack the System
  2. Transcend the Culturescape
  3. Practise Blissipline

Hack the System

The notion of "hacking the system" involves challenging the status quo and finding unconventional routes to achieve desired outcomes. Embrace unconventional thinking, identify inefficiencies in current approaches, and leverage possibilities to your advantage. 

Rather than explain what challenging entrenched norms and refusing to accept limitations in words, I invite you to watch the video below, from the recent Youth Olympics where the young skaters have demonstrated the power of hacking the system to achieve audacious results, while keeping within the legalities of the sport.

Transcend the Culturescape:

In an increasingly interconnected world, embracing diversity is not just a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage. Transcending the culturescape entails recognizing the richness of different perspectives, experiences, and ideas, and integrating them into decision-making processes.

Research has consistently shown that diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones, bringing a wider range of insights and problem-solving approaches to the table. By fostering an inclusive culture that values diversity, organizations can tap into a wealth of creativity and innovation, driving sustainable growth and competitiveness.

How diverse is your Board, Management and various leadership levels across the organisation?  How does the staff and volunteer composition reflect the demographics and socioeconomics of the community you serve? Does the organisation have a support system for gender, culture, ethnic, language, religion, academic, lifestyle orientation diversity through mentorship programs?

Practise Blissipline:

I first came across this term in the book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Malaysian-Indian author Vishen Lakhiani. At the intersection of passion and discipline lies the concept of ‘blissipline’. It's about pursuing your purpose with unwavering dedication while infusing joy and playfulness into your journey. Contrary to the notion that success requires sacrificing happiness, blissipline emphasizes the integration of passion and purpose with focused, disciplined action.

Individuals who approach endeavors with a contagious enthusiasm can cultivate the practice of blissipline in themselves and the culture within their organizations. Leaders can inspire teams to embrace challenges with optimism and creativity, fueling innovation and driving collective success.

Hence the path to success in our ever-evolving landscape is no longer linear or predictable. By embracing unconventional strategies like hacking the system, transcending the culturescape, and practicing blissipline, individuals and organizations can unlock new possibilities and achieve extraordinary results.

These 3 paths have been of value in my work-life journeys. How about you?

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